What’s New? Wet n Wild Beauty

Hi, loves! We’re back today with a What New? Wet n Wild Beauty. While shopping at my local Walgreens, I came across a new Wet n Wild display for the Queen of My Heart Collection.  This collection includes a lip palette, two new highlighters, lip/cheek tints, three new eyeshadow trios, and a kabuki brush.

What New? Wet n Wild Beauty

Queen of My Heart Collection- ‘The Sweetest Bling’ and ‘Lilac to Reality’


I picked up the two new highlighters and one of the eyeshadow trios from the collection.  The highlighters are the same formula as the Mega Glo Highlighting Powder.  This time, they added two tones to add some dimension.  I think I got really lucky finding this collection because new collections seem to be scarce.  Not really sure why.




My Thoughts


This is my favorite highlighter out of the two, ‘The Sweetest Bling‘.  I love the pinky tone makes a great highlight on its own or as a blush topper.  The heart is a great cream colored highlight.  I really like each color applied on their own or together.  The texture was very smooth and creamy.





I also picked up another highlight called, ‘Lilac to Reality‘.  To be honest, this one isn’t a favorite.  Now don’t get me wrong.  The color is beautiful, but not my cup of tea.  When swatched it was a lot more grainy and gritty.  A feeling I don’t like at all.  Like I said, the lilac color is beautiful on its own.  I believe it to be more of an acquired taste.  The heart is a straight white highlight, also not really my style.





Lilac to Reality on top and The Sweetest Bling on bottom
The Sweetest Bling applied

I picked up one of their new eyeshadow trios called ‘Hieroglyphic Heart‘. The crease is absolutely beautiful and works with all kinds of looks.  The satin shadows were pretty, but after knowing the quality of shadows Wet n Wild puts out, they were a little ‘eh’.  At a price point of $2.99, they are still pretty good.




If you’re lucky, you can find the collection at your local Walgreens and Kmart, at least that’s where I got lucky or you can purchase the entire collection right off the Wet n Wild website.  For $29.99 you can snag the entire collection, here.  Such a steal!  If you were able to find the collection, I’d love to hear what you grabbed.  Leave it in the comments below!





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Sephora Haul

Hi, loves! We are back today with a mini haul from Sephora. I wanted to share some products that are also good value.

Sephora Favorites: Give Me Some Nude Lip

This is by far the best value at Sephora, at least in my opinion.  For $28 you get six lip products.  They come in a lip-shaped box- what can I say…I’m a package junkie.  These range from full-size products to deluxe sample, with a value of $88.

This set contains:
– 0.05 oz/ 1.55 g Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Honeycomb (beige nude)
– 0.07 oz/ 1.55 g Buxom® Full-On Lip Cream in White Russian (nude)
– 0.009 oz/ 0.25 g Estée Edit The Barest Contour lip Liner in 05 In The Buff (satin nude)
– 0.05 oz/ 1.7 g Marc Jacobs Beauty Le Marc Lip Crème in 246 Slow Burn (creamy nude rose)
– 0.08 oz/ 2.3 mL Too Faced Cosmetics Melted Matte Liquified Matte Long Wear Lipstick in Queen B (matte soft mauve)
– 0.11 oz/ 3.4 g Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in 1993 Comfort Matte (medium brown)
You get everything you need to create the perfect nude lip.  The color range is also pretty great.  It comes with a color for every almost every skin color.  I would suggest running to your local Sephora and grabbing one of these kits.  You will not regret it.

Sephora Line

 SEPHORA COLLECTIONMicellar Cleansing Water & Milk – Coconut Water
Micellar waters are all the rage right now.  Everyone is starting to come out with them, so it’s no surprise that Sephora wasn’t right behind.  Not a coconut fan, no problem!  Sephora has a few different scents.  They are also made to fit your type of skin.  This product is not very big, so keep this in mind.  You are getting a 3.3 oz item for $6.50.
Coconut Water-Coconut Water Extract: Soothes the discomfort and tightness of dry skin.


Sephora also came out with lip balms and scrubs.  There are 6 different lip balms/scrubs.  If you have not already guessed, coconut is my favorite.  Since I can’t go home my island, I’lll bring a bit of the islands to me, lol.  So far the lip balm is very hydrating.  If you’re wondering, the scent is not strong at all- so you should be fine.  Definitely worth the $6 for 0.123 product.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed my mini Sephora Haul!  Full reviews on each item will be coming soon!

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Hi, loves! We are back today with a review on 3D Mink lashes from Private Label Extensions.  There are different styles of lashes that fit every budget.  3D Mink lashes are a good in between brand.  Let me tell you why!

Private Label Extensions

Private Label Extensions is a Georgia-based wholesale company.  They wholesale hair extensions, branding, and 3D lashes at affordable pricing.

Let’s Talk Lashes

I was presented with the opportunity to test out two different lashes from Private Label Extensions.  There are 10 different styles of lashes available.  This covers everything from everyday natural to full voluminous lashes.  3D lashes are 100% handcrafted and 100% mink.  The lashes are created with two to three of layers of mink.

I chose the Amelia and Jane styles.  I don’t glam up very often, so I wanted to choose styles that would work for every day.  Even with natural looking lashes, you still get the illusion of long full lashes.  I would say they’re very similar in looks.  Pricing starts at $13.50 for one set or $125 for 10 sets.  You will definitely get your money’s worth because one single set can be reused up to 25 times!  Crazy, right?

An added bonus is the packaging.  It isn’t cheap cardboard or flimsy plastic.  You are actually provided a case that you can store the lashes in after every use.



  • Hair: 3D Mink
  • Style: Jane
  • Color: Natural Color
  • Strip Lash
  • Reusable (Suggested use 20-25 wears)





  • Hair: 3D Mink
  • Style: Jane
  • Color: Natural Color
  • Strip Lash
  • Reusable (Suggested use 20-25 wears)



Here you will see the Janes applied.  In the second picture, you can see the difference in the lashes. The right eye shows the difference in lengths from natural to falsies.  These are an instant favorite with a simple application and a comfortable band.  They were easy to remove and clean off with no leftover glue residue.  Easily addicted!

Purchase some styles for yourself to see how great these are.  You could even create your own brand and sell your favorites.  Start your dreams like the entrepreneurs who started Private Label Extensions.


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Sally Hansen Color Therapy Review

Hi, beauties!  We are back today with a review of the new Sally Hansen Color Therapy line.  Sally Hansen has numerous polish formulas, but the Color therapy line has to be my favorite.

Color Therapy Line:


Product Details:

Color Therapy
Color that cares while you wear
Intensive Nourishment for healthy looking nails
Up to 10 days fade-proof, Chip-Resistant Wear
9 out of 10 Women experienced a noticeable improvement in their natural nails

Sally Hansen’s Color Therapy nail polish contains a patented micro-delivery system that delivers an argan oil-enriched formula, resulting in intensive nourishment and instant moisture for healthier-looking nails. The ColorTherapy nail polish needs no base coat so the oil complex can directly contact the bare nail.”

For this manicure, I used ‘Well, well, well’ and ‘Powder Room’ for my accent nail.  Now, I work at a job that requires me to type for my entire shift.  On top of that, I blog.  Polishes need to hold up through all the tapping. The first picture shows the polishes freshly applied.  While the second picture shows minimal chipping along the thumb and ring finger.  Mind you, this was a week and a half later.  Very close to the 10-daychip proof claim.

These polishes are amazing quality with great pricing.  You can find them priced from $7.99 down to $6.72, depending on where they are purchased.  You can locate them at Ulta, Walmart, and Target to name a few places.

I would also suggest using the Color Therapy Cuticle Oil to add a little more life back into your nails.  It is also a great topper to finish off your manicure.

  • Moisturizing and nourishing oil
  • Instantly restores radiance to nails and cuticles
  • Promotes strong, resilient natural nails




This line of polish is my favorite by far.  Great job, Sally Hansen!  I am addicted!


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Sample Review- First Aid Beauty


We are back today with a “Sample Sunday” review on First Aid Beauty Banish Dry sample duo from Sephora.  About a week ago and half ago, we got hit with a really bad snow storm.  That winter storm caused my skin to really dry out. I decided to banish my dry skin away using this duo.  It was the perfect time to put it to the test.




First Aid Beauty Sample Deets:

The sample includes two, 2ml packet of FAB’s Ultra Repair Hydrating Serum and Ultra Repair Cream.

I’d suggest poking a hole in the packet with a needle. You can maximize your use to a couple of days.Because a little goes a long way with both of these products.   I was able to get 3 uses out of each packet.  I wish they would give at least two packets per each product, to get a full week of testing.  Let’s be real, a couple of days isn’t really enough to determine if a product works or not. At least, not with skincare.

My thoughts:

FAB’s Ultra Repair Cream is one of my favorite moisturizers.  I have repurchased it numerous times and I always keep a backup in my collection.  I have never tried the serum, but after trying it- I feel like I need to add it into my skincare routine.  It works that good!  The only con was a slight burning sensation, but that’s how you know it’s working, right?  At least, that’s what I think.

Overall, I really enjoyed this sample duo.  It’s a great sample to bring on overnight or weekend trip.  Especially for those with dry skin.  If you’ve tried these products before, how did you like them?  Do you have something else you would recommend for dry, flakey skin?

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FACE MASK SATURDAY- Derma e Purifying 2-1 Charcoal Mask

Happy Face Mask Friday everyone (due to some issues, our post went live today, Saturday). As we all know from my posts my skin leans more towards the oily side. Most of the masks you’ll see me use will be geared towards that skin type.

Purifying Charcoal Mask


Today I pulled out the derma e Purifying 2-in-1 Charcoal Mask. This mask was created for normal to oily skin types and is meant to purge pores of deeply rooted toxins by using marine algae and activated charcoal. Following the directions, I washed my face with the Purity face wash, and then applied the mask. You wait 5 minutes while the mask dries and then use water to exfoliate as you remove the mask.




This is one of the quickest drying charcoal masks I’ve ever used, it gives your skin that tight stiff feeling when it’s dry. The Purifying 2-in-1 Charcoal mask is a dual-action formula that decongestant pores from sebum, dirt, and toxins, then exfoliates away harmful micropollutants. Recommended use is 1-2 times a week for the best-balanced effect. This mask is cruelty-free, gluten-free, and GMO-free, and can be found at Target and Amazon.com.

This mask almost feels like a less extreme glam glow if you’ve ever tried that. It had just the right amount of exfoliating particles in it as well. It definitely left my face feeling fresh and clean. This is the first time I’ve ever tried this mask and I’d say overall it’s a great affordable mask option!


One detractor, when I peeled off the foil seal it was dried/clogged at the opening.  I had to take a toothpick and clear out the dry product. When I did that it kind of shot out of the opening all over me, but I’m chalking it up to user error. I really enjoyed the product itself as I do most derma e products I’ve tried. I also highly suggest their Microdermabrasion scrub as well!

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Tips & Tricks for Attending Generation Beauty

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something.

Happy  Thursday!  With Generation Beauty LA 2017 around the corner.  Tia and I wanted to provide you with some tips and tricks to get the most out of your experience.  We have attended it since the beginning, so we have figured out ways to make the most our of our trip.  We thought that they might work for you as well.


If you do not live close to the venue and will be making travel plans, I suggest going with friends to split the cost and keep expenses at a minimum.  You can easily split the cost of the hotel and transportation.  Once you get into the city where they are holding the event, you need to think about transportation from the airport.  Depending on where you stay, some hotels might provide a free shuttle, but most won’t.  With that being said, I would suggest using Super Shuttle.

Super Shuttle provides versatile rides for a solo traveler or a big group.  They have many different options to choose from, like shared shuttle, non-stop shuttle, black car, or black SUV.  They offer services in most major cities and some international.  The experience I had using Super Shuttle was great because they are very easy to locate at the airport and get you to your destination in a timely manner.

There’s usually a few of us who get together for Generation Beauty, so make sure everyone’s flights arrive the same time to take a Super Shuttle to the hotel together.  It’s a very affordable option and split between you and your friends- win, win!  This also provides lots of extra room for luggage!  It really is travel made easy.


You’re going to an almost all day event, but let’s be real..we’re girls!  But, there is no rule that says you can’t look cute, glam, and comfortable.  One of our favorite places to shop is AMI Clubwear.  AMI clubwear has everything from clubwear to cute and casual.  This site is really affordable with pretty great quality items.  Tia and I decided that we wanted to dress up on the first day of Generation Beauty.  We scored some pretty amazing dresses from AMI Clubwear for cheap.

We both ordered some beautiful dresses from AMI Clubwear.  The dresses were made really well, flattering to our body shapes, and they were $12.00!  Crazy, right?

You can also find swimwear, shoes, costumes, and lingerie.  Another great thing about AMI is that they always have some kind of promotion running.  Right now, they are running a 50% off sale and free shipping over $50.  Check out the deals here.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you will be on your feet a majority of the time due to lines and be running from booth to booth.  You will want to wear comfortable shoes.  Believe me, your feet will be hurting.

Now that we got the basics out of the way, let’s get into our tips for the actual event.

Gen Beauty Tips

Here are tips that have helped Tia and I survive and get the best experience we possibly could at Generation Beauty.

  1. Take a look at brands attending the venue and follow them on all social media to save time at the booths.
  2. Come up with a course of action!  Make a list of all the booths/brands you want to check out first.
  3. Bring a portable phone charger, selfie light, and if you’re a vlogger/blogger bring you vlogging camera and business cards.
  4. I wouldn’t suggest bringing a huge purse, because of how much stuff you’ll be carrying.  A crossbody or wristlet will suffice.
  5. Bring a snack and water bottle
  6. Eat something before heading out.
  7. Don’t drive!  The venues are in busy areas with expensive parking.  Save yourself the trouble and Lyft it!  Click here to get the app.  Lyft was also partnered with Ipsy and Gen Beauty SF.
  8. Arrive a couple hours early.  For Gen beauty SF, I arrived at 8:30.  Keep in mind doors usually, do not open till 11.  The sooner you arrive, the better.
  9. If you didn’t get a chance to eat before heading out to the event, then have a friend or yourself run to get coffee and some food.  There are food carts at the venue.
  10. Hit the more known brands first, because their lines will fill up fast.
  11. When you’re in a long line, have one person in your group hold your place in line, while they go check out the smaller brands groups.  Switch off!  This is the best way to work the lines.
  12. Go both days because usually, you’ll get different things.
  13. Sundays are more relaxed and not as crowded. Don’t worry about going all glam on Sunday, it’s the perfect time to take advantage of all the makeovers.

I hope these tips and tricks help make the most out of the next Generation Beauty.  If you see us at any of the events, please do not hesitate to stop and say hi.  We’d love to meet you!




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How to Maximize Your Shopping at Sephora

Hi, loves!  How many are attending Christmas parties up until New Years? I know I will be attending them all week.  I wasn’t in a rush to purchase gifts because some of the best holiday shopping happens after Christmas day itself. A lot of my shopping is done at Sephora, whether it’s online or in store. I’m going to provide you with some tips and tricks on how to maximize your shopping at Sephora to include some freebies to keep for yourself and some of the holiday sets that are well worth the money.


If you haven’t heard of Sephora’s rewards program called Beauty Insider- you are missing out.  With the Beauty Insider rewards, you earn points for deluxe size samples and special discounts throughout the year, a birthday gift, and free beauty classes.  It’s totally free to join.  You can sign up here.  The more you spend the better the discounts get because you get to move into a VIB or VIB Rouge.


Sephora VIB is the coveted status of knowing you spent over $350 in a calendar year. When I hit this a status, I don’t know if I feel a sense of accomplishment or a sense of worry knowing I spent that much money, lol.  With VIB, perks get a bit better, because you get, higher discount amounts, handpicked gifts, and one free custom makeover.


What can I say?  You have to spend a $1000 in a calendar year to reach Rouge status, but it is worth it.  You get a special VIB Rouge gift, higher discounts, invitations to special events, and free flash 2-day shipping.

I am definitely not saying spend a $1000 to get those great discounts, you can definitely maximize your shopping trip no matter what status you are.

  • Check out Sephora’s Beauty Steals (online)
  • Take advantage of samples.

-Retail locations allow you to get different samples, so you can curate them to what you want.

-Online- you are allowed 3 free samples.

  • If you’re not VIB ROUGE, I highly recommend signing up for Sephora FLASH Subscription Free 2-Day Shipping For One Year.  For $10 you get 2-day shipping for the entire year.  Check it out here.
  • Cash in points for deluxe size samples or save them up for special sets here.
  • Don’t forget to take advantage of your free makeover (VIB & VIB Rouge).

You can find all your gift giving needs at Sephora.  Here are some of my favorites this holiday season:

Glitter Happy Brush Set- $85.00

This set contains:
– Blush brush
– Powder brush
– Crease brush
– Precision concealer brush
– Allover shadow brush
– Lip brush
– Acrylic stand

Every makeup lover or beauty enthusiast would love this brush set.  It comes with everything you would need to do a full face or just display it on your vanity.

Smashbox:  Light It Up 3 Palette Set: Eyes Contour Lips $29.00 22.50

This palette contains:
– 6 x 0.10 oz/ 2.95 g Photo Op Eye Shadow in Vanilla, Flamingo, Russet, Totally Nude, Amethyst, Dark Cocoa
– 3 x 0.14 oz/ 4.14 g Step-By-Step Contour Palette in Contour, Bronze, Highlight
– 6 x 0.08 oz/ 2.4 g Be Legendary Lipstick in Cognac, Pretty Social, Inspiration, First Time Matte, Jam On It Matte, Bing Matte

Smashbox is one of my all-time favorite brands.  There was actually a period where I Smashbox and I were exclusive.  This kit has an $89 dollar value with great quality product.  It comes with a lip palette, eye shadow palette, and contour palette.  This is something that can be given as a big gift or broken up into three small gifts.  I personally gifted this as a big gift.  Perfect for the girl traveler or girl on the go.

Color Wonderland Eyeshadow Palette$59.00

This set contains:
– 64 x 0.02 oz/ 0.68 g Eye Shadows
– 12 x 0.05 oz/ 1.47 g Eye Shadows
– 0.13 oz/ 3.76 g Base Powder
– 0.13 oz/ 3.76 g Highlighter
– 2 x 0.038 oz/ 1.1 g Eye Pencils

This multi-use palette is perfect for someone starting out in makeup because it has everything they need to create so many different looks.

The Mini Team: Rouge Cream & Shine Lipstick Set-$22.00

This set contains:
– 6 x 0.04 oz/ 1.2 g Mini Rouge Cream and Rouge Shine Lip Colors

Perfect for a lippy lover at an affordable price or you can give this to someone who would love to try different finishes and an array of colors.  I received one of these in my Sephora Play box and absolutely love the formula.  It will not disappoint.  They are also perfect for carrying in your purse.

Everlasting Mini Liquid Lipstick Set- $49.00

This set contains:
– 8 x 0.1 oz/ 3 mL Mini Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks in Plath (deep russet red), Santa Sangre (poison apple), Mother (dusty mauve pink), Lovesick (mauve nude), Backstage Bambi (vivid hot pink), L.U.V. (rich violet), New! Roxy (bright grape), Echo (satin navy blue)

I can’t even say enough about the Kat Von D liquid lippies.  There’s great color selection, amazing value, and the formula is great.  This limited edition lipstick set is made for the lipstick lover in your life.

Travel Beauty

As a girl who travels quite a bit, there are some must-have items that would make amazing gifts.

Junkie Vice Lipstick Palette- $35.00

This palette contains:
– 12 x 0.02 oz/ 0.7 g in Disturbed (deep brick red), 714 (bright red), Carnal (medium warm nude), Safe Word (neutral nude-pink), Studded (metallic gray-brown), Whip (soft pink with gold iridescent shimmer), Wrath (metallic red), Big Bang (bright pink sparkle), Firebird (deep fuchsia), Vanity Kills (lavender), Speedball (deep vibrant purple), Junkie (metallic teal shimmer with gold micro-sparkle)
– Lip brush

This palette is perfect for the female traveler.  It’s compact, provides numerous color choices, and a lip brush.  You can also mix the colors together for customized colors.  This palette is also perfect for a makeup artist to add to their kit.

Bobbi To Glow Shimmer Brick Palette- $69.00

What it does:
Formulated with superfine, light-catching pearl pigments, each shade in the Brown Bobbi To Glow Shimmer Brick Palette imparts gorgeous, natural-looking radiance and different effects. The Gold shade brightens and highlights and the Bronze hue creates warmth, while the Wild Rose creates a flushed glow.

Bobbi Brown shimmer bricks are amazing and for this price, you can’t pass it up.  Instead of bringing numerous highlighters on vacation, you get this one palette with three choices!  It’s perfect for that glow!

Precision Makes Perfect Mini Airbrush Sponge Set- $10.00

This set contains:
– 2 x uniquely shaped makeup sponges

The Sephora sponges are great for everyday use and to take with you for travel.  They are cheap enough that if it was to get left behind it wouldn’t be too bad because you could just pick up another one.  It’s not a Beauty Blender by any means, but they do what you need it to do.

Hope you enjoyed our tips and tricks on maximizing your shopping at Sephora.  These tips will help online or in-store shopping.  We also hope that you enjoyed some of our gift suggestions or your upcoming shopping at Sephora.

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Shu Uemura Murakami Collection

During the holidays we all love to give and exchange gifts. What kind of gift giver are you? Some love to find that functional gift that will improve daily life for the recipient, some love to give fun gifts that light up their face, and some just like to give whatever catches their eye that they believe you just have to have. The Shu Uemura Murakami collection fulfills your entire gift giving needs for that wonderful woman in your life, this holiday.

Shu Uemura x Murakami Cosmic Blossom Eye & Cheek Palette

This 2016 winter line is so packed with color and eye-catching design I really suggest checking it out on Sephora.com, but here are some of my favorite picks.


Shu Uemura x Murakami Cosmic Blossom Eye & Cheek Palette: This palette is the real All-Star of the 2016 Shu Uemura x Murakami winter collection, it fills all my color pop sensation needs. For $65 you get a limited edition eye and cheek palette with 7 metallic and glitter shadow shades and a blush in the beautifully executed Murakami packaging. It contains: 1.4 g pressed eye shadows in P Cosmic Blue, P Purple Gray, and M Midnight Navy, 1 g pressed eye shadow in G Lavender, G Deep Gold, and G Silver, and a 4.25 g Glow on Blush in G Pink, with 2 double-sided applicators.

The Cosmic Blossom Eye and Cheek Palette was designed around the blooming stars in the universe. With the bold pops of color creating otherworldly holiday looks will be a breeze. This is a must have on my holiday palette list, I can easily see myself using every color in this palette. I’m actually hoping this one will be under my tree for me!

Shu x Murakami Anti/Oxi Pollutant & Dullness Clarifying Cleansing Oil

One of the easiest things to put under your tree for that hard to buy for the gal in your life is a functional gift. Anyone, I can’t quite figure out where to shop for ends up getting something I at least know they’ll use. The Shu x Murakami Anti/Oxi pollutant and dullness clarifying cleansing oil are infused with the innovative anti-pollution power of moringa extract as well as the anti-oxidative green tea extract. These both work together to fight pollutants that speed up aging stress on your skin.

It’s designed to add a natural luster decreasing dullness, while the combined extract formula adds glowing clarity and a smooth touch to the vital organ that is your skin.

Skincare can be expensive, so receiving it as a gift is a wonderful surprise. I love that not only do you get 150 ml of the well-known formula that is the magic in a bottle we all already know, but the added beautiful Murakami designs give it that extra gift worthy boost.

Shu x Murakami Bloom Your Way Custom Case

This is one of my favorite ideas to give. Giving a custom case allows personalization as a gift. Know someone who is a fan of Murakami’s designs, but not sure what colors they would wear? Why not pick up this custom case and a gift card to accompany it. That way, the recipient gets the most function out of their gift as well as a fun look. They can pick which two shades from the Shu Uemura line would best serve them. Murakami’s signature flower drawings make this case a winner for any lover of Japanese style.

About the Brand

Last but not least let’s talk about the most obvious reason to give from the Shu Uemura Murakami collection for Christmas. Takashi Murakami absolutely hit it out of the park with these beautiful color punched designs. Not only is he a widely renowned Japanese contemporary artist. He is known internationally for the creation of Superflat which is inspired by Japanese heritage, anime-style, and pop culture.

Murakami is well known for high profile exhibitions displayed worldwide achieving a cult-like following from celebrities such as Kanye West, Rihanna, and Pharrell Williams. The gorgeous fun loving designs he has created for the Shu Uemura 2016 winter collection are something any girl who craves that color pop will love to add to her beauty wardrobe. Too pretty to wrap!



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Merle Norman Holiday Collection

If you’re a beauty junkie like me you have a real appreciation for those products where the company goes the extra mile to extend the quality of the product into the packaging. Merle Norman Cosmetics Studios is certainly no exception to this as proved by the sleek design and beautiful color scale of their Merle Norman holiday collection 2016.


Their Eyecolor Couture quads step it up a notch when you reveal the glitz that awaits you inside. The beautifully raised pyramid texture makes it almost too pretty to use! Merle Norman really captures allure with function with these two limited edition quads using a combination of luminous and semi-matte shades.

Merle Norman Cosmetic Studios Eyecolor Couture in Cozy nudes: Whirl (luminous light cream), Praline (semi-matte mid toned brown), Golden Girl (luminous champagne gold), Simply Sable (semi-matte rich brown).

Eyecolor Couture in Modern Exposure: Bubble Bath (semi-matte opal), Prima (semi-matte lavender), Dream On (luminous soft pink), Hypnotic (semi-matte rich eggplant).

For only $38 you get four perfectly blendable shades created to start with a sheer wash of color which you can quickly build into a deeper more intense look. What’s great about the colors selected for these quads is that there’s something for everyone. The Cozy Nudes quad would be a great gift for my fellow Makeupateer Jacki. When it comes to her she loves a great nude eye. I, on the other hand, would love the Modern exposure quad, purples are my favorite and I love a more bold look with pops of color!

Merle’s Kisses

Another thing I love is when a company makes giving their product as a gift a breeze! Imagine getting a gift ready to put on the tree when it arrives, no wrapping needed. If every gift came that way at no extra cost we would all be even a little more cheerful this season. Merle Norman is your dream come true with Merle’s Kisses.


This set comes pre-packaged in a lovely ornament to hang right on your tree no work required! For $25 you can create the perfect pout with two exclusive Pure Color Core Lipsticks in Moi and XOXO. These lipsticks are made with a unique core to create a dimensional effect on the lips. If you are hosting a holiday party picture this: a tree decorated with a bunch of these ornaments, then when it was time to pass out gifts just tell each of the women to grab an ornament! How easy and fun would that be? Plus with all the cooking and cleaning that comes with a party one stop shopping already wrapped is the way to go!

Image result for merle's kisses
The Merle Norman Cosmetic Studios winter 2016 collection really has a perfect gift for everyone. Check online for a Merle Norman Studio near you for these products and many other great choices.

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