Fashion Nova’s Wanderlust Set

Take a look at the hottest new trend this season- Loungewear.  You can find Loungewear styles at Fashion Nova. Fashion Nova is an affordable online retailer that caters to women of all sizes. Fashion Nova has gotten so on trend that celebs like Bella Thorn, Khloe Kardashian, and Kylie Jenner have come to know and love this retailer.

Kylie Jenner+ Fashion Nova’s Wanderlust Set

Kylie Jenner is sporting Fashion Nova’s “Wanderlust” set.  The set includes the Wanderlust Hoodie for $19.99 and leggings for $19.99.  This set is all the rage right now that even Batty Winkle has the same outfit.

Who wore it best?  In my opinion, they both look great, but I would love to look as great as Batty Winkle in my later years.  Especially, being able to pull off that outfit. Wowza!

Another great thing about loungewear is that you can dress it up or dress it down.  Pair it with some heels and glam accessories for a night out with your girls or wear some sneaks for an everyday comfortable look.

Don’t forget to check out Fashion Nova for more trendsetting fashion!

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Face Mask Friday: Freeman Charcoal and Brown Sugar Mask

Happy Face Mask Friday everyone! Today I have a facial polishing charcoal and black sugar mask by Freeman. It’s a dual action purifying mask and smoothing exfoliant.

Product Details:

The directions say to apply the mask to face and neck avoiding contact with eyes. Leave on for 5 to 7 Minutes. Gently massage for 1 to 2 minutes and rinse with warm water. Use two times a week or as often as needed.
This mask is amazingly affordable as well at just $4.29 for 6 Fl. Oz. (150 mL). If you would like to try before you buy you can always buy the 2-4 use 0.5 Oz. travel size for $1.99. I am usually able to get 3 uses out of them so I love packing them for trips.


I washed my face with the Purity face wash and followed the directions for the mask. One thing I did notice during application is it is a little messy. The sugar kind of clumps together and falls as you’re applying it, so make sure you’re over a sink or something for easy cleanup. Another strange thing I noticed with this mask is that the air is blown out if my nostrils felt extremely warm on my upper lip. I’m not sure what’s in the mask that would cause this.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, I really love the feeling of the product itself. It really felt effective at detoxifying and my skin felt amazing afterward. A lot of exfoliators and charcoal masks leave my skin feeling in need of moisture, but this mask made my skin feel perfect. Even the sugar granules were perfect size and smoothness. I will very possibly be making this mask a part of my beauty routine. There’s only one other negative thing I could find and that is it’s hard to close after use you have to make sure the nozzle and opening after reading cleaned off or the lid won’t snap on correctly. Freeman products are not tested on animals and are made right here in the U.S.A! So support your skin and your economy by buying from Freeman.
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Lancome Holiday 2016 Collection

Let’s talk about packaging. We all know we have our favorite palettes for different reasons, and then there are those palettes that you carry in your bag just to use as a mirror because it’s so freaking pretty it’s just too much of a shame for no one to see it. Lancome holiday 2016 collection does just that.

Lancome holiday 2016 collection

LANCÔME-La Palette Des Rêves $50.00

Bam this palette right here ladies, we are talking about the Ulta exclusive Lancome La Palette Des Rêves. You really can’t get a bad picture of this palette, and the colors! The colors are gorgeous, I could put together so many different neutral looks with just these colors described as sparkling white and beige, intense brown, a subtle pink and gold.

This palette is inspired by Parisian lights and snowflakes at Christmas time. It makes me want to go to Paris during winter, if it’s anything like this palette it must be stunning.
The mirror in this palette spans the whole frame of the lid which makes it a perfect travel mirror for your bag. Lancome has a beautifully executed holiday line for 2016.

LE DUO KHÔL– $27.00


One of the other things that really caught my eye is the Lancome Paris en Rose Le Duo Khôl. I always love multi-functional products, makes getting ready fast and easy! Most days I use the Brun Glance which is a brown with a highlighter on the other end. The pencil also comes in Paris La Nuit a black with a highlighter and Hotel Particular a purple with a highlighter.

The colors all go very well paired with La Palette Des Rêves. These pencils make it super easy to smoke out the shadows into the perfect nighttime look, great for Perisian streets or the average American woman ready to take on the night!
The highlight side of the pencil makes for the perfect base to go under the highlight shades in the palette. This product duo is a promise for long lasting shine all into the evening!

If you want to get your glitter on this 2016 winter season this palette is all about the keeping your sparkle bright.

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Groupon- Health, Beauty, and Wellness


This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine

Happy Thursday!  Let’s talk beauty…I know what you must be thinking, we talk beauty all the time.  I want to talk about beauty treatments.  We all know how expensive these treatments can be.  I’m talking massages, facials, lash extensions, mani’s, pedi’s, and other things like hair removal.  If you’re like me, I love getting all these done, but can’t really afford to throw down $300-500 a month to beautify myself.

I also have a 14 year old daughter who is going into high school this upcoming school year.  You know what that means? CHA-CHING!  She is very much a girly-girl, who loves beauty and fashion as well.  One thing she is really concerned about are her brows.  I have instilled in her that if she wants these kind of things done, she will need to earn her own money to pay for them.  It also means she will need to be savvy with her money.  I also do not want my daughter wasting her money on something that isn’t good.

We decided to check out Groupon for some hair removal options for her.  We were provided with so many options: laser hair removal- this was not really option, but good to know they offer it at decent pricing; waxing, most viable option and numerous to choose from; last but not least, threading- this option is the most affordable for my daughter.


As you can see from the pricing difference, we opted for the threading.  This is not a method she has ever done, and wanted to check out reviews.  Luckily, Groupon provides reviews from recent purchasers.  Going this route, it helped us save money and provided us with an opportunity to try something new.  Especially, if you have sensitive skin or allergies.  You really do not want to pay hundreds.

Also, don’t forget that Groupon offers tons of beauty products at about 60% off in their goods section.  Shades are limited, but you can usually get some high end products at a fraction of the cost.

Groupon also offers discounts, so pay attention to the banners at the top of the page.  We were able to score my daughter’s threading for $9.00 and additional 20% off since it is a local business.

What do you purchase off of Groupon?


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Where have I been?


Hi loves!  I just wanted to give a little update about where I have been.  I took a 10 day vacation to Washington DC and Virginia Beach with my family.  Over the next few days, I will be writing, editing, and posting so awesome stories for you!  So keep an eye out!

Have a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend!


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New Year's Goals


Hi loves! Sorry I have been gone for so long.  The holidays really did me in. I definitely needed some time to recoup.  With the new year upon us, everyone is making their new year’s resolutions, including myself.   I have come up with a set a resolution or goals for year that I want to accomplish.  I figured if my goals are out there, it would help keep me accountable.

  1. Drink more water- I was doing really well before the holidays, but stopped.  My fiance and I are doing this together.  We are starting out small, by starting out at the minimum of 8 glasses of water a day.  This will help get me back into my routine to drinking at least a gallon a day.
  2. Remember to eat all meals- I am horrible with eating full meals.  I am lucky if I remember to eat one meal.  To make this goal reality, I have started meal prepping for the day.  I am hoping to start meal planning and meal prepping weekly.  Slow and steady wins the race!
  3.  #AttitudeofGratitude- I am learning to be thankful for the little things in life.
  4. More consistent posts- Sometimes I take on way too much and forget/or put off my blog posts.  I love blogging and definitely want to put more time into it.  We are going to be moving to a self hosted site and undergoing a redesign.  New year, new blog! Well, same blog just upgraded!
  5. Finish 3 certification classes with honors- Not much to this one, I just need to do it, lol.
  6.  Exercise- I usually get in about 2 days a week, but I am aiming for 4-5.  I have set aside a time frame and added it to my calendar.  Even if I don’t feel like doing it, I will.  I even set aside work out to do at home, just incase!
  7. Take at least two vacations this year!  We already have one planned to Washington DC in April.  Hopefully, the second one will be to Leavenworth, Washington for Christmas!

This is it for my yearly goals.  I will update in a month to see how everything is coming along.  What are you yearly goals/new year’s resolutions?

Beautifully yours,




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Parissa: Organic Wax Experience

Happy Friday!  I am so glad that it is almost the weekend.  I recently decided to give at home waxing a try.  Have you ever tried this? I would love to know your experience.  My experience wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  I was definitely scared of doing it myself, but I overcame the fear and gave it a shot for this review 😛

Parissa Organic Wax:


Contains: 240ml organic cane sugar wax, 30 washable strips, easy to follwo photo instructions, 3 spatulas

Tip: Cut the strips to your needs to make them last longer.  They can also be used more than once, depending on the area.


Easy Steps: 1. warm organic wax  2. apply thin layer  3. zip off with strips

Organic Wax: sucrose*, aqua, citric acid, chamomilla recuitita flower extract*

*USDA Certified Organic

My experience went pretty well for my first time.  It wasn’t as messy as I thought it would be. Thank goodness, I hate messes!  I have really sensitive skin, with lots of allergies; some known and some unknown. But I was able to use Parissa wax with no issues at all, just some mild redness- which is to be expected with waxing.  I would say that this wax kit is perfect for beginners, because it isn’t complicated to use.  Parissa made it very user-friendly, but it would also work well for you pros out there.  I have yet to try this on a larger of my body, but it worked well for taking the hair off my upper lip.  Two weeks have now passed, and I feel the growth is minimal, which I think is to be expected with waxing.  Overall- great product and waxing experience.  Instead of paying $7 per upper lip wax, I will be diy at home.  Maybe I will become so amazing at it, that I can actually start doing my own brows!  Possible….but I so doubt it-lol!

I hope you all enjoyed this mini review on Parissa Organic Wax!

Have a safe and Happy Holidays!





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Something for the kids….

Hi loves!  I am back today with some last minute gift ideas for unexpected drop-by’s with kids.  My family is pretty big, and it is virtually impossible to try and make it to everyone’s holiday events, but my family definitely pushes the envelope in trying.  Just when I think I have everyone covered, someone unexpected stops by.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I am glad they show up.  It just makes it difficult to rush for a Christmas gift, because I feel like I have to give a gift if they come to house.  Maybe my thinking is wrong, who knows!  On to my picks!


Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Eye-popping oddities! 

My kids personally love books, but they also love learning about weird and funny things in the world.  What kid doesn’t love those things?  I haven’t come across one yet.  The Ripley’s collection is very inexpensive with a lot of content.  This is the type of book they could read over and over, again!  I would suggest turning it into an annual thing and get the entire collection!

Check out the collections here.



Pachas Pajamas  is a full color animated book that comes to life with the use of her app:

1) Install the Aurasma App
2) Follow Pacha’s Pajamas
3) Hover the App over the image below

This book is perfect for 7-13 year olds.  It help teaches the importance of taking care of the earth, all of which is possible with the help of a little girl, her magical pajamas, and her dream! My 8 year loves the book and story!


If you can’t afford to do separate gifts for each child, I would suggest a group or family gift.  Movies are always a great way to go!  One that is sure to be a favorite in particular is the Minions Movie. We first met the minions in Despicable Me and again in Despicable Me 2- where we all instantly fell in love with them.  The Minions Movie tells the story of how the minions came to be in a time before Gru.  You can’t go wrong with this as a gift!

minecraftMinecraft!!  Minecraft anything really… I opted for the XBOX 360 version of A Telltale Game Series.  When my kids play Minecraft, they get really creative with what they are building- I love it!  I am also running a giveaway for Minecraft PC steam mode.  Check out our facebook page for more information!!



The last gift(s) would be candy, but not just any candy- Ice Chips. You can get them in an array of flavors.  You can customize a set or simply go for the seasonal specials here. Ice Chips are made with Xylitol- great for everyone.

Why EVERYONE wants to eat ICE CHIPS Candy made with Birchwood Xylitol EVERY DAY!

  • Strengthens teeth
  • Reduces new tooth decay
  • Reduces cavity-causing bacteria
  • Inhibits growth of dental plaque
  • Stimulates saliva flow
  • Does NOT impact insulin levels
  • Contains zero net effective carbs
  • Delicious and satisfying
  • The FDA has approved xylitol as a Natural Sweetener
  • Xylitol is a natural sweetener found in the fibers of many fruits and vegetables
  • Xylitol is found in small amounts in the human body
  • One teaspoon of xylitol contains 40% less calories than sugar
  • Savoring ICE CHIPS Candy 3 to 5 times a day delivers maximum benefits
  • Use ICE CHIPS Candy immediately after meals or snacks
  • Recent studies have found a link between consuming Xylitol during pregnancy and stronger teeth in infants

Well loves!   Hope you enjoyed this quick holiday ideas for kids!  If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments below!

Happy Holidays!

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Party Pooper: White Elephant or Host Gift Idea

Poo-pourri is that perfect gift this holiday. It may seem like the unconventional choice but, let’s really think about this. Its holiday season, PARTY TIME! We all get invited to those wonderful holiday parties with friends or family, it’s last minute, “oh crap!” you forgot to get the hostess a gift. What do you bring them, another bottle of wine? No time to bake cookies. I know! How about a bottle of Poo-pourri!

poopourri It’s the perfect hostess gift. How many of you have friends who feel weird about going potty outside of their home. Imagine if you could give them a gift that could help them feel more comfortable going while they’re at your place. The perfect hostess is always concerned that everyone feels welcome and comfy in her home. What better way to help her than to give her a solution to a problem she probably hasn’t even thought about. Poo-pourri is all natural and free of alcohol, parabens, aerosol, phthalates, formaldehyde, and synthetic fragrance.




poo-pourri-spray-on-bowlHow does it work? Before you go just spray the water in the toilet bowl with your Poo-pourri. The mist will create a thin film on top of the water, this acts as a barrier for scents thus, trapping the smell under the film. This means you are able to prevent a smell rather than trying to cover it up, which is why I believe this product works so well!

Poo-pourri is a company that is not only worried about your nose. They are a health conscious company, their all natural product is safe for you to breathe in, as well as safe for the water supply.

poopourri containerThis makes this the perfect gift for just about anyone. Even the most health aware organic crazy moms will like this gift, because they know it’s safe for their family and home. It may sound strange but this stuff really works, test it out for yourself! It comes in a variety of scents so there’s something for everyone, also travel sizes! There are even cute gift sets for those party poopers!





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The Unsubcription Box: Luxepineapple

Hi beauties! I hope everyone is having a good Friday, I know I am definitely feeling the thank god it’s Friday!! It has definitely been a rough and tiring week. This may seem weird to some, but I know my beauty lovers will agree…when I get home and want to wind down-I play, swatch, and create with my collection. With the holiday season here everyone’s Christmas shopping is in full swing.  I am always looking for ways to buy items at a discount.  I have a huge family, and need to take full advantage of sales where and when I can.

FFor the makeup lovers in your family, I would suggest subscriptions boxes or one of my favorites the un-subscription box by LuxePineapple.  LuxePineapple comes out with different themed boxes each month or you opt to buy items from her store.  My favorite boxes are the mystery boxes, which she is currently running now- check them out here.  If you are interested in trying out LuxePineapple, right now is the best to try them out.  New members will get $2.50 off their first buy.  As stated above, if you don’t opt for the mystery boxes, you can purchased items separately to create your box for the makeup lover in your family.  The holiday collection is pretty amazing! Check it out here.

Here are some photos and swatches of some of the holiday collection:

Perfectly packaged!
Glittery glosses & perfect fall color lippies!
Glosses are moisturizing- not all that sticky!   They come in a bunch of different colors and finishes.
Some pretty cute palettes and liners! Skies are limit with these.  You can easily transition a daytime look into a night time look.
The palettes come with a decent size mirror and travel brush.
I was shocked!  They are pretty pigmented!  The colors are very pretty.  I apologize that my vanity lighting isn’t doing them justice.
These lippies are some of my favorite! LuxePineapple has some holiday themed ones right now!


This is a multi-use item.  You can use it as an eye shadow or highlight!  Tip: this makes a pretty inner tear duct highlight.


Here is a look I created with the Warm Autumn Spice in the crease and lippie in ‘Harlow’

I would suggest signing up for the newsletter, because this site always has amazing sales running, with the $2.50 off- STEAL!

LuxePineapple is a great way to add some gems to your makeup collection or a great to start building up your collection.

I hope you all enjoyed this review and gift idea featuring LuxePineapple!


Pardon my TGIF!  I started my post, then got busy.


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