The Ugly Truth…


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Hi loves! We are back today with a more serious post. Over the past two weeks, I have been a bit disgusted with some posts that I have read in some Facebook groups. I think I have reached my “idgaf” point when it comes to these kind of posts. You are probably thinking, what posts is she talking about? Well, If you have been a long time follower of Makeupateers, then you know we are all about empowering and inspiring one another- not breaking someone down. There’s already so much hate in this world, why contribute to it?  Maybe it’s because I have grown up and see things see things differently, (who knows!?) but I guess that isn’t for me to decide.

Now, the reason for this post. As I said earlier, I am apart of some Facebook groups. For the most part, I am happy to be a part of them.  I have created some amazing friendships and most groups keep everything positive. Now, I am not saying every single group is rainbows and unicorns.  I mainly notice the cattiness and belittling more in the beauty groups I am in.  Depending on the post, the shit talking escalates pretty quick within a group of girls.  My question is why? Why the need for unnecessary comments?  Why does something negative have to come out anyway?

For those of you who are Teen Mom fans, you will probably know who Javi Maroqquin is. I, however, didn’t.  In one of the beauty groups I am in, a girl posted a picture of Javi with a girl.  Now, the original post was positive.  Basically asking others if they had seen the picture and that she was happy for him, because he genuinely looks happy with the mystery girl.


This is the picture that was posted.  They look happy, right? The comment section quickly turned into a bash fest on this girl.  Making statements of ewww, ugly, or he is too cute for her.  Now, I don’t watch Teen Mom, so I don’t know his back story or how he ended up on Teen Mom, but whatever it maybe….he looks happy! Which is the reason behind the original post.  He has a new girlfriend and he looks happy!  It should have stayed that way.  Most people are judgmental.  I get it, it’s how we’re made.  We were also given the ability to choose the way we handle situations.  We can choose to keep our comments to ourselves.  It’s an opinion, fine!  But does it really need to be voiced?  No, it doesn’t.


What someone looks like, wears, dates, etc. really has no barring on our lives.   I fully believe that everyone should be treated with respect.  Being a kind and positive person is also very important.  Whenever I am in public, I make it a point to smile at everyone.  To you, that smile may not be much, but it could mean everything to the right person.  Also, instead of hating, why not try complimenting?  Anyone can put someone down, but it takes a better person to notice the beauty in everything. I dare you to give it a shot.  It can be something so simple as, “Your hair looks great!”  or “Your shirt is so cute!” There is something about every single person, place, or thing that has beauty! Just open your eyes a little more…

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Travel Diary- Wild Life Safari, Winston OR


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Hi loves!  I hope you all have had an amazing week so far.  Now that all of our summer travels have concluded, I can finally get back on my regular schedule.  Whatever that schedule is, lol.   If you keep up with me on social media, you know that my family and I made a trip down to the Wildlife Safari in Winston, Oregon.  It was a three and half hour drive to the safari.  I honestly don’t know why we never made it out sooner.  It was so worth the commute and more.


Wildlife Safari was built in 1972 by Frank Hart.  Frank wanted to build a place in the Pacific Northwest that would help endangered animals.  In 1986, Wildlife Safari became accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

Seasons & Hours:


November 8- March 12

Drive-Thru, 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

(Last vehicle admitted at 4:00p.m.)

Village & Gift Shop

10:00a.m. to 4:00p.m.

Closed Thanksgiving & Christmas

March 13- November 7

Drive-Thru, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

(Last vehicle admitted at 5:00p.m.)

Village & Gift Shop March 13- September 1

9:00a.m. to 6:00p.m.

Village & Gift Shop September 2- November 2

9:00a.m. to 5:00p.m.

**Keep an eye out on GROUPON, Living Social, and Portland Perks for deals**

If you do not plan on doing any of the encounters, and just doing the drive-thru- give yourself a good couple hours.  Also, admission gets you two drive-thru.  In case you miss an animal.  

Wildlife Safari also offers animal encounters.  You have to at least do one of these on your visit.  The experience is well worth it.  The encounters are $15.00 per person, but check out sites like: Groupon for discounts.  They will not offer every encounter, but you can get some pretty cool ones at a discount.  You can find more information on the encounters here.

My family and I chose the following encounters:

Feed the Giraffes

Lions Up Close

Meet the Cheetah

Lions Up close 

The first encounter of the day was the Lions up close.  As a group, you are driven out to where the lions are kept.  Here you get an up close look at the lions with their trainers.  Trainers provide tidbits about the lions and the pride, as well as the training they go through.  The encounter lasted about 30 minutes.  Totally worth the $15.00 for the encounter.  You do get to see the lions during the drive through, but the view isn’t that great.  Also, depending on the time of day you decide to do the drive through, will determine where the lions will be.  The earlier you go out the better chance you have of seeing of them closer.


Feed the Giraffe

The giraffe feed is a must do!  You are driven out to where the giraffe’s are.  You are then provided with greens to feed the giraffes.  I would say this encounter took 30 minutes as well.  We got to feed the male and female giraffes on the property.  They seem to just roam around freely.  They will come up to your vehicle, if you’re nearby for an opportunity to get some great shots.  Watch out for those black tongues!


The vehicle that you take out to the encounter.

As you can see, you get hands on with the giraffes.  The giraffes loved my daughter so much that it attempted to eat her hair, lol.

Meet the Cheetah

With all the animal accidents that have been happening lately, this one was a bit scary to do.  There isn’t a fence keeping the cheetahs from pouncing on you, but they are kept on a leash by the trainer.  They really are just big cats!  In this particular encounters, you get up close and personal- no touching!  But..if you choose, you can get pictures with the cheetah!

Wildlife Safari is also well known for their cheetah breeding program.  Since 1972, 178 cheetahs have been born at the park.  Because of this, this makes Wildlife Safari one of the top breeders in the US.


Price: $15 per person

4×6 prints of your pictures are available.

$10 for 2 prints and $5 for each additional copy.

Camps & Classes:

Wildlife safari also has some great educational programs.  I was able to meet with two of the program educators and tour the learning facility.  Wildlife safari currently provides junior zookeepers/explorer program, day camps, and an overnight safari adventure camp.  If we didn’t live so far away, I would love to send my daughters to one of the day camps.   The day camps are for ages 4-11, between one to four days a week.  The day camp provides games, crafts, animal encounters, and hands-on activities.

The animals used in for the programs are rescues or animals that used to be pets.  I guess people just didn’t realize how hard it would be to take care of some of these animals, but it’s good to know that they go to amazing places like the Wildlife Safari!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

They have a parrot, rabbits, snakes, hedgehog, possum, tortoise, rabbits, ferrets, sugar gliders, and my favorite…the cavy’s!!

How cute, right?  They originate in Patagonia, but somehow they ended up as pets here in Oregon from two different owners.  Again, the owners did not anticipate how much care they needed!

For more information about the day camps or other programs they offer, please click here.

Safari Village

Safari village is the “home base” for the park.  Here you can find guest relations, the cafe, snacks, gift shop, and over 300 animals to view for free throughout the day.

We also did a little jewel/fossil digging….

You can also see the badger in action here through out the day!



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

 The drive through is such a fun experience!  You get to do it from the comfort of your own vehicle or pay for a safari tour.  We did it from our personal vehicle.  We saw everything, but the hippos- who was hiding in his little shelter.

Another fun little thing you get to do on the drive through is the animal feed.  During the Asia stretch, you can pay $5 for a feed cup to feed the animals along the way.

My family and I had an amazing trip!  We are already planning our next visit, because we want to do the other encounters.  There is so much to do at the park to where you could easily make a weekend trip out of it.  I hope you all enjoyed our mini getaway to the park and get a chance to experience it for yourselves!

Wildlife Safari is a non-profit 501 [c] [3] organization operation solely on gate admissions, donations and grants, receiving no state or federal tax funding.  Please consider joining us in our mission to support wildlife.  You can donate here.

**Tickets provided for free for review, all opinions are honest and my own**


Groupon- Health, Beauty, and Wellness


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This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine

Happy Thursday!  Let’s talk beauty…I know what you must be thinking, we talk beauty all the time.  I want to talk about beauty treatments.  We all know how expensive these treatments can be.  I’m talking massages, facials, lash extensions, mani’s, pedi’s, and other things like hair removal.  If you’re like me, I love getting all these done, but can’t really afford to throw down $300-500 a month to beautify myself.

I also have a 14 year old daughter who is going into high school this upcoming school year.  You know what that means? CHA-CHING!  She is very much a girly-girl, who loves beauty and fashion as well.  One thing she is really concerned about are her brows.  I have instilled in her that if she wants these kind of things done, she will need to earn her own money to pay for them.  It also means she will need to be savvy with her money.  I also do not want my daughter wasting her money on something that isn’t good.

We decided to check out Groupon for some hair removal options for her.  We were provided with so many options: laser hair removal- this was not really option, but good to know they offer it at decent pricing; waxing, most viable option and numerous to choose from; last but not least, threading- this option is the most affordable for my daughter.


As you can see from the pricing difference, we opted for the threading.  This is not a method she has ever done, and wanted to check out reviews.  Luckily, Groupon provides reviews from recent purchasers.  Going this route, it helped us save money and provided us with an opportunity to try something new.  Especially, if you have sensitive skin or allergies.  You really do not want to pay hundreds.

Also, don’t forget that Groupon offers tons of beauty products at about 60% off in their goods section.  Shades are limited, but you can usually get some high end products at a fraction of the cost.

Groupon also offers discounts, so pay attention to the banners at the top of the page.  We were able to score my daughter’s threading for $9.00 and additional 20% off since it is a local business.

What do you purchase off of Groupon?


Travel Diary- Virginia Beach Aquarium


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13230248_235587890153078_8161040321646689088_nHappy Wednesday! Who is ready for the weekend?  I know I am.  My family and I will be taking a mini road trip up to Washington, but…let’s talk about our last activity in Virginia Beach.  We decided to visit the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center.  We went to this activity with some family friends.  They told us that the aquarium was a really cool place to visit.


The aquarium offers a play area for your little, animals, exhibits, boat trips, adventure park, and more.

The deets

hours:  9-5

Admission Prices

(ages 12+)
(ages 3-11)
(ages 62+)
AQUARIUM & MOVIE $28 $21 $26
Aquarium $22 $15 $20
Boat $20 $15 $20
Movie $8 $8 $8

You can purchase tickets and download a map here.

Meet A Live Animal

Marsh Pavilion 10-10:20 11:30-11:50 12-12:20 3:30-3:50
Conservation Station Check the Program Board upon arrival for times.

Family Selfie

We spent a majority of the time checking out all the fishes, reptiles, and a quail.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

They also had tons of photo opportunities for you and your guests.


Our oldest ruined the shot with the peace sign, lol

We spent a lot of time at the tide pool areas.  My “children”, pictured above, were trying really hard to touch one of the sting rays.

In a secondary building you will see sea otters and some other animals, but on the way there you get to see the outdoor marshes and the adventure park.

We didn’t really have time to do the adventure park, but it is on our list for next time.  The obstacle courses looked great for younger kids and adults.  From what I saw, they can start you out as a beginner or advanced for the climb.

Adventure Park General Admission Prices

3-Hour Tickets

Book your climb and reserve your start time online here.

Ages 12+: $55
Ages 7–11: $47
Ages 5 & 6: One free with paying adult [18+]

If you get a chance, definitely check out the Virginia Aquarium and the Adventure Park.  If you have been there already, I would love to hear about your experience!



RealHer Cosmetics Haul & Review


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Hi beauties!  Happy hump day!  I am back today with a mini beauty haul and review on a new to me cosmetics brand, called RealHer Cosmetics.   I am not really sure how I came across this brand, but totally fell in love with the message behind the brand.

RealHer, created in 2015, was all started because of a love for makeup.  RealHer also has a similar theme/message as we do here on   RealHer is a brand that aims to inspire and empower women.  Since society has a set perception of what the ideal women should look like.  In reality, all women are beautiful in their own way.  RealHer wants women to know their worth- love yourself, be yourself, and embrace your beauty.  Define what beauty is to you.



Our mission is to empower and bring out the best in the modern woman: to know her worth, to feel proud of her individuality, to love each and every one of her flaws, and to not fear who she really is.

Although, RealHer is new, they are making strides in the beauty field to be makeup that inspires. This is a brand that is doing pretty amazing things in my eyes.  For every purchase made, RealHer donates 20% of all gross profits to American Association of University Women (AAUW).  The AAUW is a non-profit organization that provides a forward movement for Women and girls every where.  They do this by providing leadership, advocacy, education, and research programs.  You can locate a chapter near you here.

They are also certifies by CCIC and Leaping Bunny Association for their promise to use products and procedures that are not animal tested.

The products

wp-1469679308204.jpg RealHer Moisturizing lipsticks– $7.99

-enriched with shea butter, jojoba seed oil, macadamia oil, and vitamin E
Each color name is a quote to empower you.
Each color features a soft matte finish with an ever so slight gloss that glides onto the lips smoothly with a creamy rich color pigment.
– Free of parabens, Petro chemicals, synthetic fragrances, lead, talc, gluten, and phthalates.
I got three out of the five colors that are offered.  Let me tell you, the packaging is very simple, but sleek.  All three colors I received are very pigmented, go on smoothly, with pretty good staying power.  I would agree that they are “soft matte” finish.  I am not one for matte lippies, because I have such dry lips.  I need moisture!  These lipsticks provide just that and at an affordable price.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In the slide above, I have provided lip swatches for your reference.  My favorite is, “I Define Beauty Myself”. It is the perfect everyday mauve.  If you have been a long time reader of my blog, you know that I am not one for bright or dark lippies, but I actually felt really comfortable in “I Am Powerful”.  It’s a bold color that I feel would look great on every skin tone.  “I Love Myself” washed me out when worn by itself, but I think when topped with a gloss- it will be absolutely beautiful.

I hope you all enjoyed this new brand overview, haul, and mini review.  I can’t wait to see what else RealHer has in store for the future.  I am an instant fan of this brand.  I love the product, but I also love what they stand for and what they do.  I hope you do too!  Let me know in the comments below what color was your favorite!


Travel Diary- Busch Gardens Williamsburg


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Happy Monday! If you couldn’t tell, we are still working on getting caught up on our posts from when our website had the site issue. Playing catch up is difficult!

If you have read my earlier travel diaries, we took a mini road from Washington D.C to Virginia Beach to visit my in-laws.  The last time we saw them was over five years ago, it was definitely time.  We are theme park junkies, and one theme park we have never been to was Busch Gardens.  We decided to check out Busch Gardens Williamsburg.

Our plan was to arrive early to beat the lines, but GPS actually directed us to the employee parking lot.  Do not off of the address straight from the Google page.  We were finally redirected to the park parking lots, but not after waiting in line for a good hour and half.  Busch Gardens did compensate for the wait by giving us free parking.


Another difficulty we met was with our tickets.  Some tickets were bought from Groupon, because they were running a special.  We were told to redeem at the kiosk, if we didn’t want to wait in line- this was with all the other Groupon purchasers.  After a good 15 minutes of trying to enter voucher codes into these machines, we gave up.  I decided to ask a park employee.  All we had to do was bring it up to the gate.  This was literally my face -_-.  At the time, this situations are frustrating as heck, but they make great stories and memories, lol.

One thing I love about the amusement parks out here are the fact they measure our smaller kids and give a list of all the rides they are able to ride.  I think this helped a lot with my little one.  She is a thrill seeker and loves coasters.  Usually, we have to go up to a ride to find out if she can ride it or not.  If not, then the disappointment kicked in.  I think by knowing ahead of time what rides she could and could not go on, we could just avoid them all together.   My daughter is only 8 years and pretty short, but she was able to go on a lot of roller coasters.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We loved that the park incorporated different countries through out the park.  We had check out everything in England, France, and Germany.  Also, the food was pretty good.  You can find eateries that are dedicated to the country they are located in.  Lunch was amazing!  I am sad that I didn’t get any pictures, but it was really dark in the area we ate because of the show in Das Festhaus .  Dessert in France was pretty good!


Josephine’s Creamery de Chocolat– They feature chocolate sauce made with Ghirardelli® chocolate!  To Die for!  While eating your yummy dessert, you can sit outside of Josephine’s and watch the riders on the Alpengeist.


Alpengeist – Inverted Roller Coaster

This is probably the best ride at the park! Runner up would be the Verbolten! This ride does have a height requirement.  My little was not able to ride it, but she was holding out for her top choices!



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Loch Ness Monster

This is a must have ride for the entire family.  If the height requirements apply!

The cool thing about this Busch Gardens, is that they had a bit of everything.  They have the thrill rides for the roll coaster junkies in your group; KIDsiderate attractions for the little’s; Water country USA, for the water park goers; and for the animal lover- an animal area with eagles, parrots, horses, and wolves.


We didn’t see much of the animals, because we were on a mission to get in all the coasters we wanted to ride.  However, we were able to get some great shots of the Bald Eagle.

If you’re visiting the area, Busch Gardens Williamsburg is a must do!  My family and I really enjoyed our time here.  We actually wish we would have had another day to see more of the park.  There’s always next time!


Liebster Award


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Hi loves! I hope you are all having a wonderful week so far. We are back today, because we were nominated for the Liebster award by the lovely That Geeky Girlfriend. I believe this is our third nomination for this award. Thank you to all who have nominated us! We’re honored!





About The Award

• The Liebster Award exists by bloggers for bloggers. It’s a way to show your appreciation for the blogs you love and help other people find them.
• “Liebster” comes from German origin and can translate to mean: dearest, sweetest, kindest, nicest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, welcome, sweetheart, and boyfriend.

The (Official) Rules

1. Thank the person that nominated you, & link back to their blog.
2. Display the Award on your blog. (in your post and/or a widget)
3. Answer 11 questions about yourself.
4. Provide 11 random facts about yourself.
5. Nominate 5-11 blogs with under 1000 followers to receive the award.
6. Create a new list of questions for the nominees to follow.
7. List these rules in your Award post.
8. Inform each blogger of the Award nomination.

Questions from That Geeky Girlfriend:

1. What era/year/decade do you think you should have been born in? I was born in the 80’s. It’s an era that I loved growing up in and wouldn’t change it for the world.

2. What’s the last book you read? Confidence Code

3. What movie or show do you absolutely refuse to watch? I am always willing to give new shows or movies a shot, but movies like the Conjuring- are big no, no’s for me.

4. If you have to choose between playing up your lips or eyes, what do you choose? My eyes definitely! My lips are big enough and do not need attention called to them, lol.

5. What’s the coolest pet name you’ve thought of or had? Stitch, from Lilo & Stitch. Our cat acts the exact way. He can be totally sweet at times, but can also be a little @$$&*(0.

6. If makeup wasn’t a social norm, do you think you’d still do it as often? I think I totally would! I love playing and creating. Plus, I don’t do for anyone else, but myself!

7. Do you think you do your makeup for you, for social perception, to impress women, or to impress men? My bad!! I totally answered this on questions 7 -_- “I don’t do for anyone else, but myself!”

8. If you had to remove 3 items from your normal makeup routine and could never use them again, what would you get rid of? Mascara, foundat

9. What mythical creature would you love to meet and/or own? I would probably want to meet a mermaid. Only if they are like Ariel🙂

10. If you could live in the reality of any book, movie, or TV show, which would it be and why?  My fiance always says that I live in Jacki-land.  I guess I like living in my own reality.

11. What do you think is the most overrated song? (current or ever, your choice) Whip and Nay-Nay and any Adele song

My 11 randoms

  1.  I am originally from Guam
  2.  Mother of two
  3.  I lived in Germany for 5 years
  4.  Engaged
  5.  I am a compulsive returner (yes, I know!  Horrible habit)
  6.  I am a mother of two beautiful girls
  7.  I am a Disney fanatic
  8.  I am obsessed with purses
  9.  I collect penguins🙂
  10.  Alex and Ani are my weakness
  11.  I am an islander who is allergic to pineapple—I know, I know!  Horrible!!

My questions for them🙂

  1. What is your greatest achievement thus far?
  2. Why did you start your blog?
  3. Where was your last vacation?
  4. Finding Nemo or Finding Dory?
  5. What is your favorite quote and by whom?
  6. If you could meet anyone dead or alive, who would it be?
  7. How did you come up with your blog name?
  8. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  9. Walking dead or Fear the walking dead?
  10. Favorite book?
  11. Three things you can’t live without?


  1. Gaby from BeautybyGaby
  2. The Chic Community
  3. Jodi from A Brash Attitude
  4. Princess from Social Mariposa

All of you ladies are amazing and definitely deserve this!  I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little bit better through this award.

Have a happy Thursday, beauties!


Travel Diary- DC to VA


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Hi loves!  Back today with another travel blurb from my Washington D.C./Virginia vacation.  We decided to drive to Virginia Beach for the remainder of our vacation, but before leaving we wanted to hit up a few of the monuments we were not able to visit.

One of the monuments we wanted to see was the George Mason memorial.  To be completely honest, I didn’t know who he was until this visit.  For those of you who do not know who he was or what he did.  Here is a little history lesson for you!

George Mason was the author of the Virginia Declaration of Independence.  He was also inspiration to Thomas Jefferson on the drafting of the Declaration of Independence.  Mason was also known for withholding his signature on the United States Constitution, because it did not eliminate slavery and offered no protection from the federal government, in case they became free.


This memorial was a little sad to see.  The grounds around it were unkempt, garbage everywhere, lawn was overgrown, and the fountain on the grounds was pretty disgusting.  I hope that since my visit, the grounds have been taken care of.

Thomas Jefferson memorial



Vietnam Veterans war memorial

This memorial kind of brought tears to my eyes! So sad to see all the names of the lives lost during this war.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Last but not least some shots in full tourist mode!


On our way to see the Capitol State building


We had to stop at some of the souvenir carts to grab some gear! My fiance and kids in full tourist mode

**Souvenir tip**
Screenshot_2016-07-13-12-12-37Pressed pennies are a cheap and inexpensive souvenir!  You can find press penny locations here.

I hope you enjoyed seeing our last day in D.C.!  We definitely didn’t get to see everything we wanted to see, but there is always next time🙂


Sunglasses haul


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Happy Tuesday, beauties! I am back today with a mini review and sunglasses haul from Sunglass Warehouse.  I first heard about Sunglass Warehouse from my fellow Makeupateer, Gaby from BeautybyGaby, she absolutely raved about them.  Of course, I had to give them a shot!

Sunglass Warehouse

  • All sunglasses are $20 or less.  I have yet to find a $20.00 pair.
  • Hundreds of styles to choose from
  • All lenses are made with UV400
  • Free shipping with a purchase of $25.00 or more, under $25.00 it’s on $3.95
  • No hassle returns!

One thing I absolutely love about the Sunglass warehouse website, is the ability to search the variety of glasses.  You can search by lens type, frame shape, and best sellers.  I have a really flat nose with literally no bridge to hold up glasses, so I am only able to wear a certain type of frame.

Here are the pieces I chose:

  1. Magdalena #7021- black/silver frame with smoke lenses
  2. Dew #18816- white/silver frame with Smoke lenses
  3. Winthrop #2642 toroise frame with blue mirrored lenses
  4. Honey #6040- Matte Black/Gold Frame with Grey lenses
  5. Canary #65830 tortoise frame with amber lenses

You can even choose different colors with different style lenses to make the glasses really unique to your style.  I have worn Dew and Canary almost everyday since receiving my shipment.  The quality in of the glasses are great.  With most glasses I purchase, the handles start to come loose.  This is not the case with the two pairs I have been infatuated with from Sunglass Warehouse.

I think I am obsessed because I made another order about a week ago!  I can’t wait for the package to come in.  Keep an eye out for some summer posts featuring the glasses.  I highly recommend this website. Check them out!  Let me know your favorite shades.  Don’t for get to #THEWAREHOUSE.


*Products for free for an unbiased and honest review*



DC Travel Diary- Museum Of Natural History


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Hi loves!  I hope you all had a great fourth of July weekend.  We are back today with day four of our dc travel diary.  We decided to hit the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History.  We had also planned to hit a few of the other museums on this day, because everyone we spoke with, told us we would only spend about two hours at each museum.  If you quickly move through the exhibits, then I would say it would take about two hours.  If you actually want to take everything in and explore, then allot for at least half of the day.

The deets:

Located on 10th street & Constitution Ave NW, Washington D.C. 20560

Phone: 202.633.1000

Open everyday except Christmas day from 10AM to 5:30.  Check here for extended hours on certain days.

The museum has some decent eating locations, so you don’t have to leave and come back.

  • Atrium Cafe- cafeteria style
  • Cafe Natural- deli style

I would suggest arriving 30 minutes before the museum opens, because the lines start to build rather quickly with the security check points that you have to go through.


Family selfie upon entrance!


We all know this infamous elephant from Night at the Museum!

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The first part of the museum was dedicated to some photography!  We love penguins and of course had to represent Oregon!

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This was probably one of the coolest things we saw at the museum.  This gentlemen actually draws the bones free hand.


Live butterfly exhibit

Butterfly Pavilion

Take a stroll among live butterflies and exotic plants! Located adjacent to Partners in Evolution, this tropical oasis offers visitors a rare opportunity to get close to a variety of living butterflies from all over the world.

Loveeed this exhibit!  My daughters absolutely loved all the butterflies flying around and on certain occasions landing on us.  This is a fee based exhibit:

Price per ticket:
Adults $6
Seniors $5.50 (60+)
Children $5 (2 to 12)
Members $5 (available by phone or at box office)

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**Tip:  If you go on Tuesdays, you can get free tickets into the Butterfly Pavilion.  Live butterfly experience.  Tickets are limited, so be sure to get there early or right after lunch for the afternoon ticket release**

Eternal life in ancient egypt exhibit

Diamonds are a girls best friend


The lovely hope diamond.  It was really hard to get a decent picture of the diamond, because the diamond was surrounded.


Some of the stones and gems exhibit

We are ending our day at the museum with some animal kingdom fun! We really loved this museum.  Again, we over planned our trip and didn’t get in everything we wanted to do on this day, but it was well worth it and a learning experience!  If you have been DC, what are your tourist must sees?




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